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Before Wolk Software Limited was founded (just a couple of weeks ago) we spent quite a lot of time thinking about some really complex questions like:

The answer to all this questions was related with words like “prestige” or “reputation”.


We are aware of the difficulties that involve trying to reach new customers. We know that there are many other organizations with similar plans in mind and that some of them have been around for a while and have a lot of resources available. That makes harder to compete against them but we have a plan to achieve a positive brand perception and we believe that, even though it is too early to try to compete with the big players in metrics like sales or profit, is never too early to compete in prestige or innovation.

We believe in a more collaborative and open world and that it is better to have allies than have competitors. This is why we believe in open-source, open APIs and cloud computing. We believe that sharing knowledge, tools and applications with the global community of software developers will help us to increase our prestige and generate a positive brand perception.

We believe that just like when we are not sure about which book to buy on Amazon we use the customer reviews; we use the number of stars on Github as an indicator of prestige in the software industry.

Just as we believe that the way to earn a positive reputation among other members of the software development industry is to “show them your code”; we believe that for non-technical people the reputation of a software company is all about the user experience, so we will also have an intense focus on UX in times to come.

Our aim is to become a brand with a good reputation among customers and competitors, a brand that add value to other organizations through the creation of functional, beautiful and fun to use software. A brand that contributes to mankind by helping to push technology forward, innovating and sharing knowledge free of charge.

In this blog we will share our journey, we will share how are things going, what are we planning to do next and what we have learned on the way.

In our next post we will share what we have learned about “Setting up a company in the Republic of Ireland”.

We hope that you will follow and enjoy the journey with us. Thanks for reading.

The @WolkSoftwareLtd Team.


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