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The Infinite Loop Part II: The Solution

Creating a culture of trust, ownership, and data-driven continuous experimentation that fosters sustainable growth and high-performance digital product teams

In Part I, I explored some of the most popular software development methodologies (SDM) to explain why they often fail to improve our outcomes. In Part II, I will focus on The Infinite Loop, a new but not revolutionary (on purpose) SDM.

Note: This is going to be a long post! Please note that if you don’t have time (or don’t fancy) to read this much, the contents of this post are also available as a more concise slide deck.

4. How do we fix this?

The following list contains some of the main actions I believe we must take to solve the problems described in PART I.

  • “Kill” Scrum: Scrum has helped us to learn a lot, but it is time we move on. We need a new methodology that learns from the scrum ease of adoption.

  • Unify lessons...

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The Infinite Loop Part I: The Problem

Trying to understand why the software industry is so inefficient and ineffective

In this series of posts, you will embark on a journey through the history of software development methodologies (SDMs) and other principles, from Waterfall to Product-led growth, trying to understand the main forces that drive failed agile implementations.

You will then be introduced to The Infinite Loop (L∞P), a new but not revolutionary (on purpose) SDM inspired by the principles that drive the most successful open-source development communities.

We will learn how L∞P leverages lessons from open-source development to create a data-driven culture of trust, ownership and continuous experimentation that fosters sustainable growth and high-performance digital product teams.

Note: This is going to be a long post! Please note that if you don’t have time (or don’t fancy) to read this much, the contents of...

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InversifyJS has reached 100,000,000 downloads on npm 🎉 🚀

It blows 🤯 my mind to think that my opensource project InversifyJS has reached over 100 MILLION DOWNLOADS on npm. InversifyJS is a lightweight (<50KB) but powerful Inversion Of Control (IoC) container for JavaScript applications powered by TypeScript. It is used to implement Dependency Injection (DI) in thousands of applications, including high-profile products like Microsoft Sway and over forty thousand open source repositories on GitHub and over two thousand open source packages on npm.

Since its release in 2015, many developers have reached out to share things they have built using InversifyJS. Of all the stories, my favourite one ❤️ is from a developer in Augsburg (Germany) that uses InversifyJS in a solution that “controls and measures the production of multiple megawatts of solar ☀️ power generation daily” 🌈 🌎

I cannot finish this post without thanking all the developers who...

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The key to scaling your business


The concept of scaling a business is often used interchangeably with growing a business, but these are two distinct concepts. Take successful startups or new small businesses: Without a clear definition of scaling a business, we mistakenly think of these companies as successful because they achieved massive growth in a short period of time. The reality is when a company grows too fast, it makes itself vulnerable to a range of problems stemming from not having created a sure foundation to support rapid development. Learning how to scale a business mitigates these risks by ensuring that foundational operations are created that will support growth in the long term.


What is scaling in business? To create a working definition of scaling a business, first, consider what it means to start and grow...

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When clean code becomes harmful

Is our industry’s obsession with clean code setting us back

I’ve been in the software industry for 15+ years now, and as time goes on, I feel like I’m becoming increasingly delusional. As a fellow developer, I have been brainwashed by our industry’s rhetoric to believe everything is about writing “clean code”. You know what I’m talking about: Talk is cheap; show me the code!

We are not aware, but the problem starts when we are junior developers. We are eager to learn and often ask our senior peers for advice. We ask things like: What books do you recommend? Two of the most recommended books are Clean Code and The Pragmatic Programmer. These are both excellent books, and I believe everybody should read them. Both books share some of the same advice and try to teach us how to write better code and become better professionals. However, they have very different focus areas.

Among many...

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Implementing a low code customer support solution powered by Zendesk and Azure Logic Apps

In this post, we are going to learn how to implement customer support capabilities using a minimal code approach and relying on third party services. There are a lot of situations in which you might need to implement some customer support capabilities. Maybe you are developing your own product, or maybe you are working for a company that needs to improve their operations.

With the arrival of COVID-19, e-commerce has become a major concern for most businesses. Having a good customer support strategy in place is a must these days. Online consumers demand features like online live chat or multi-channel communication and expect high responsiveness from online businesses.

The pandemic has generated unprecedented levels of uncertainty for business and they need to be able to adapt in the shortest time possible. For this reason, we are going to really on third party services and use a...

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JSDayIE 2019 tickets now on sale!

We are very happy to announce that after many months of work the JSDayIE tickets are now on sale!

About a year ago we started to work on JSDayIE, the first JavaScript conference in Ireland.

Ireland has a huge developer community, in fact, Dublin has a very high developer ratio and it is the home of the EU HQ of many global software companies such as Microsoft, Google, Twitter or Airbnb.

However, for some strange reason, Ireland doesn’t have a conference dedicated to the web development community (A few years ago Ireland was home of the Web Summit but it moved to Lisbon). So we decided to make it happen and we announced JSDayIE.

We have already announced some of our speakers and other details at www.jsday.org. Please visit our site to learn more about the event.

The tickets start at 95 EUR + VAT and the conference takes place on Friday, September 20th, 2019. If you don’t live in...

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10 Reasons to sponsor JSDayIE 2019

The top priority for JSDayIE is the attendee experience, with great food, drinks, talks, swag, and community. JSDayIE is a one-day single-track conference hosted in The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin.

JSDayIE carefully curates talks that inspire and inform the audience in an intimate feeling where each attendee has time to meet one another (only 350 tickets are available).

Compared to most conferences, JSDayIE sponsorship provides high-value authentic interactions with attendees for a relatively low investment. Sponsoring JSDayIE is a great way to contribute to the healthy growth of the JavaScript community in Ireland. Please join us in creating a fantastic experience for every attendee. Sponsoring offers a unique opportunity to expose your brand and find talent specialized in JavaScript technologies in Ireland.


1. Contribute to the healthy growth of the


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JSDayIE 2019 CFP now open!

The JSDayIE 2019 CFP is now open! We’re excited to welcome the JavaScript community to submit talks for JSDayIE 2019 that will take place on September 20th 2019. The Call for Proposals closes on April 15th, 2019.


We are looking for a multitude of topics and perspectives but most of all we value:

  • Original topics, presented for the first time
  • Practical ideas that attendees can apply at work the next day
  • Trends and hot topics which are relevant in 2019 and beyond
  • Fresh perspectives on the JS ecosystem

We don’t have a specific theme for JSDayIE. Instead, we’re aiming to select talks that are interesting for as many JavaScript developers as possible. Our audience skill level is intermediate to advanced.

All talks should be in English and 25 minutes long. We will be on a tight schedule and will enforce the time limits rigorously. We suggest that you time your presentation...

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Introducing JSDayIE 2019!

Welcome to the official announcement of JSDayIE 2019! We are very excited to introduce the very first JavaScript conference in Ireland.

JSDayIE 2019 is going to be a day dedicated to the JavaScript community in Ireland with over 450 attendees. The goal of the event is to bring together the JavaScript community for one day and showcase some of the best and most innovative work done by the members of the JavaScript community in Ireland.


JSDayIE is presented by Wolk Software. Wolk Software is an Ireland based startup dedicated to empowering developers and teams to achieve their best through consultancy and training services and technical publications and events.

JSDayIE 2019 will take place on September 20th, 2019 at The Round Room at the Mansion House in Dawson Street, right in the heart of Dublin.


JSDayIE is a single-track 1-day tech conference featuring talks from a diverse range...

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